Game Project

"Honey, I Shrunk my Boss"

17 SEP 2022

This Page will be updated throughout development of the project

My role

Game Designer | Game Producer

I currently have the opportunity to lead the team for 'Honey, I've shrunk my boss' a new VR Puzzle Escape Room game which is under development for Oculus Quest 1 and 2. I've taken on the role of Game Designer and Game Producer, Leading my team of 5 other amazing people in crafting a solid 'first' experience for people in VR and making it as accesible and fun as possible. I've designed the core game with its gameplay elements and I am currently working on the puzzle designs in the level.


HISMB is currently in production, it's A VR escape room game where your goal is to return to your original height after you shrunk down to a tiny size! Play together with up to 5 people and try to solve the puzzles together. One player enters the virtual world and shrinks down to a small size. There they will find things they can interact and play with. The players that are surrounding the player in VR will each observe their own unique wizard manuals which will contain tips on how to help the wizard to grow back to his regular size however, one manual won't suffice! The players will have to work together if they want to solve these puzzles!


This is a living document so it's going to change slightly over the next few weeks

My workflow: