Game Project

"Soulen" - with a silent 't'

17 SEP 2022

My role

Producer/Game Designer/Programmer

This is a 48h Gamejam I entered with my one of my best friends who is an artist. This was the most fun I've ever had with a gamejam as I had experience from prior projects and gamejams and now decided to spend 4 hours of our time planning and deciding our scope. Since my best friend (Lee) is only an artist, I took care of everything else in the project.


In Soulen, you play as a boy who has their soul stolen from them and turns into a skeleton. You go through the levels to try and reclaim your soul from the evil witch, Revital. In this top down Dungeon Puzzle Game, the main mechanic is throwing or slashing your arm, if you lose your arm you can pick up a replacement from a pile of bones

Gamejam Logs

Day 1
  • Started at 9.30 am
  • We brainstormed for around 2-3 hours before we really started working on the game.
  • Base prototype was done around the evening
  • Unity programming/post processing (everything unity): Me
  • Projectile arm mechanic was a pain to figure out the physics.
  • Game design/planning me
  • Art: Lee
  • Player model was done but not animated fully yet
  • Most enemies done, but not animated yet

Day 2
  • Started at 10.30 am
  • Continued working on the game, progress went very smooth.
  • All animations were done towards the evening
  • Gameplay was done towards the evening
  • Levels were designed
  • Made a quick logo/Itch page but they did the job

Post Mortem

Honestly, this was the best gamejam I’ve ever had and its very suprising since i only had Lee on my team, we we’re a great power duo though, ofc we had some mistakes but that is totally normal since it was the first time we actively worked together like this and also Lee’s first gamejam.

We purposefully spend a lot of time at the beginning planning out our game so that we were both on the same page about the game which saved us a ton of time during development (learned from island game).

Communication was also very good between me and Lee, when something needed to be done we communicated it to one another and it was swiftly done. Absolute S-tier teamwork and i believe we hit the nail on this one. We kept it really fun by taking breaks whenever we wanted, listening to music, eating pizza and we just generally had a really good time.

Scope still remained an issue that carried over and that i still have not been able to solve in this project, originally we aimed towards 10 levels which wasn't feasable for us, but easy to cut. I am confident that this will improve the more projects and gamejams I work on!