Game Project

"Mortum Pyro" - Survival in the dark

29 SEP 2022

Mortum Pyro is a game about a little flame's survival, he was born from the remnants of a campfire and tried his best at making it in this difficult world. He hates destruction but it's his only way at living. There's also creatures that want to make his life more difficult so Little Pyro has to defend himself by spitting parts of himself.


You play as a little flame that gets dim as time goes on, the only way to stay alive is to burn plants and tree's in the forest

Key Learning Points

Procedural Generation

I really wanted the experience of Mortum Pyro to be unique and really did not want the player to feel like they spawn in the same area every time. That's why I opted for procedural generation of the forest in this, everytime you start the game or replay, the layout of the entire forest will change in a performant way.


In Mortum Pyro, you experience the world as a little flame, so I tried to build the gameplay around that, One core mechanic being the flame providing light and the rest of the game being built around it. There will be different types of monsters, chasing you around and attacking you so it's up to you to defend yourself by spitting fire. Little Pyro can fire parts of himself, depleting the fire in order to defend himself!

There is a travelling merchant that spawns around the map, selling you powerups and new moves such as:

  • Defensive Fire Wall
    • A ring of fire, protecting little pyro from monsters
  • Upgrading your Fire Spit
    • Bigger or faster spitbullets that Pyro can fire at enemies