Game Project

"Hexen" - Journey to Intermediate C#

17 SEP 2022

Introduction to "hexen"

Using RedblobGames Documentation about hex grids I researched all about how hexgrids work and behave. It's really interesting to see how much a third dimension can add to a board, the math involved was very fun to play around with and learn and I learned a lot making this project.

I created Hexen using Events/State Machine/Replaymanager/Lambda's/Delegates/Assemblies/Fluent Interfaces/Interfaces/Generics and using Design Patterns such as State design pattern/Object Pooling/COmmand Pattern/Defensive programming and Sparingly using an Anti Design Pattern (sparingly) Singleton.


In Hexen the game starts in the Titlescreen state and then it transitions into the gameplay state where your hand will be filled with an arrangement of cards, you can drag these cards onto the hexgrid and choose your action this way

These cards are:

  • Bomb Card
    • Explodes all surrounding tiles and removes the pawns from the Dictionary
  • Push Card
    • Pushes enemies one tile backwards
  • Swipe card
    • Kills all enemies and the neighbouring tiles
  • Laser Card
    • Targets all enemies in a straight line
  • Teleport Card
    • Teleports the player to the chosen hex